A Full Moon Ritual For Energy

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Use this ritual to bring specific lunar energies into your life. It should be carried out on the evening of
the full moon or as close as you can.
I choose Cantios, my favourite full moon of the year, when calling for help to finish things I have left
undone, but you can use the same method and much of the ritual for any of the full moons. You can
also use this ritual without focusing on a specific full moon, for bringing plans to fruition or for an
extra surge of energy when you need it to overcome an obstacle or seize an opportunity.
* Light a row of three silver candles, two of the same size for the waxing and waning phases and one
much larger in the centre for the full moon.
* Light three sticks of jasmine or mimosa incense.
* Take a branch from a willow or any other tree or plant that grows near water, and on it hang three
silver baubles; one should be very large. If you have no baubles, make discs from silver foil. Silver is
the colour and metal of the Moon. Add nine tiny, silver-coloured bells, hung with thread.
* If the full moon is visible, use a hand mirror, silver if possible, to direct its light toward the tree or
plant, saying:
Isis, mother of the Moon, your power this night bring to me soon. Your silver radiance on me shine,
your fertile light now strengthen mine. Full moon, full glory, fill my heart, your loving wisdom to me
impart. Mother Isis, your child I call, uplift and guide me lest I fall.
(You can, instead of Isis, choose your own Moon goddess if you prefer or just invoke the Moon
* Now with silver thread or ribbons, bind the tree and the baubles with nine loose knots, saying:
I bind your tree with tasks undone, Maiden, Mother, not yet Crone. I bind your strength my race not
won, I take the power and it is done.
* Moon Magick
* Pull all your knots undone, one after the other, and shake the tree
* so the bells ring and the energy is released.
* Leave the candles to burn down in a safe place.
Leave the branch or plant still hung with silver baubles and bells throughout the week of the full moon
and use the week to focus on your specific Moon theme. Sit, if you can, for a few minutes each night
by silver candlelight and see yourself surrounded by an orb of silver light. Maximise the possibilities
in your everyday world.
You can adapt the words to suit the different months and, if you wish, rest an appropriate symbol in
the branch, tied on with silver ribbon, for example, a toy horse during the month Equos, for travel and
the expansion of horizons, mental as well as physical.