A Ritual For Harmony

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This ritual can be used when, for example, a colleague, family member or friend is intruding in your life, but you do not want to hurt their feelings. It can be very successful if you have received one too many phone calls or visits at inconvenient moments from a friend or neighbour. It may help to ward off constant interference in your projects by your boss or a colleague at work, or possessiveness that is not malicious but comes from loneliness in a close relative, a child or even your partner. You can carry it out before going to work or when you anticipate the arrival of the person. It is much kinder
than a traditional binding spell as it preserves the positive aspects of the relationship.

* Light deosil a circle of lavender and rose incense sticks for love and kindness.

* Fill a pot or a small cauldron, or any heatproof dish, with sand and in it stand a single orange candle
for independence.

* Take a long piece of red thread and tie nine loose knots around the base of the cauldron to represent
the tangled emotions, saying as you tie the knots:
Bind and wind nine times through, bonds that stifle, tangle, twine, bind unwilling me to you.

* Cut through the knots one at a time, using a knife (not scissors), saying:

Ties so binding,
Cut right through,
Guilt unwinding,
Freedom finding,
Loving you,
Not what you do.
* Light your candle, saying:

Light of self, burning true, I am me and you are you. Light of friendship, light so kind, free in heart
and soul and mind.

* Now burn each of the knots in the orange candle so they drop into the sand, saying:

Free to live in harmony Caring still, but separately.

This is also a good ritual if you are separating or divorcing from a partner but need to maintain
friendly contact, perhaps because you work together or have joint family or financial responsibilities.