A Ritual Using Light And Cosmic Power

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The following ritual can be carried out anywhere at all, as direction is not important. It is most
powerful when performed standing beneath a tree that perhaps has stood for hundreds of years. If
sunlight is filtering through the leaves, so much the better. You can work alone, with a group of
friends, or in a more formal coven. You may want to decide in advance on a focus for the power, for
example healing a particular place or a person you know. Alternatively, you can let the energies find
their own target as they cascade though the cosmos, increasing the positivity of the universe.
* Stand with your feet apart and your arms outstretched above your head like the branches of a tree.
Through your feet, draw up rich, golden light from the Earth and let it flow upwards, becoming lighter
and more golden as it rises to your fingertips. Feel the light from above flowing downwards to merge
with it.
* If you are working alone, then, holding a long, silk scarf in either hand, move around the tree with
your hands rising and falling in a spiral path to create swirls of energies, the most ancient of the
Mother Goddess sacred geometric forms, while chanting and dancing. If you are with friends, join
hands around the tree and pass the light and energy between you from hand to hand, deosil, until you
can feel the circle of light (you may even see luminous energy transferring from hand to hand).
* Begin to circle the tree deosil, reciting faster and faster:
Tree power, Earth power, Sun shower and light,
Encircle me, enfold me, Goddess radiance bright.
If you do not want to use the Goddess as a focus for your magick, you can substitute the word ‘god’ or
say ‘golden radiance bright’. You can also create your own chant, if you prefer, that may change from
line to line, or use a simple mantra, such as:
Touch me,
enfold me,
enclose me.
* When you feel the power reaching a climax, cast the scarves high into the air and hug the tree,
pressing your feet down hard to ground your energy and receive healing light from the trunk. If you
are working alone, you may feel that in a sense you are not alone but are joining with the tree spirits
and Devas, the higher forces of nature who will dance with you as you spiral. You may even see their
luminous outlines.
* If you are working in a group, when you feel the power has reached a climax, unclasp your hands
and with a final call,
raise them straight above your head and allow the energies to spiral through the cosmos.
* Then sink down so that your hands and feet are pressing the ground and let any excess golden
radiance and power return to the Earth. (If you do not do this, you will be buzzing all day and night as
though you had been drinking too much coffee.)