Armchair Occultism

Alister Crowley’s “love under will.”

When we consider Wilt. The saying goes love under will. But he says do what thou wilt. Turning will…into a verb.

This is of great significance. It indicates the opposite of static nature. the witch is forever changing and learning. Your will is the desire and all that entails. Wilt implies the action of making that desire come to fruition through action.

Action, this is important. Man changes his life, creates his way through this map set forth before we ever got to this plane, a “soul contract” sometimes called. So while we do have free will it is set within a blueprint of lessons that we have committed to an understanding before incarnating. So we quite literally create the life given to us, making us as much a part of our own active creation as we are part of the creator. every man and woman witch or not, changes reality, is a creator. A witch simply understands this in another level. Reality is mental.

Point is wilt Implies forward momentum. Your will pushed forward in reach ultimately… of your perfected nature….of your daemon reunited with them all. All the parts of self-moving toward union with consciousness, the true self. Wilt….forward momentum. Change. This law inherently dismisses armchair occultism. Armchair occultism is fine for KNOWLEDGE but far too many come to the occult as an armchair occultist, static, not engaging forward-moving will, and try to advise the newcomers, neophytes, beginners, what have you. Knowledge from a book is not the same as experience.

The expression is famous in the occult world, but in my opinion, wilt is the word that makes this law. It describes through love under will, that your true will is born of love therefore no need for karmic dilemma if your acting in accordance with your true will. Reality is subjective. Here we see this.