Art of Candle Magick

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A lot of witches burn candles just about every night. They burn a candle in honor of the Goddess. Just burning a candle, too, puts you in the right frame of mind. Some witches, even if they are burning a candle in honor of the Goddess, still dress the candle.

Dressing the candle means applying the right kind of oil and/or writing out on your candle what you want. So, you need to know the right kind of candle and the right oil. Now you have to do a little homework for your candle magick to be successful. Research, research, research. There are planetary influences, there is whether the moon is waxing, full, or waning; there is the day of the week –certain days are better to do the kind of magick you are looking for.

There is also Moon Void Of Course. When the Moon is void of course, do not do any magick. If you want to do a simple candle magick, the most important thing would be the phase of the moon and the void of course.. There is the oil or oils that you will need. Whenever you are searching for the right oil, you also need a catalyst that gives it that extra boost, like cinnamon. Catalyst herbs need to be in all spells. You need to use catalyst herb/oil along with your intended oil to send it off, to activate it. But just a pinch or drop or so of oil.

These are a few

1. Dragons Blood -all spells should have this herb. Whatever you put in, you get out.

2. Allspice-is good for money.

3. Cinnamon -psychic work and love spell.

4. Cloves -love and psychic.

5. Galangal -this is a good one for prosperity.

6. Lilac -with flower power (feminine).

7. Lavender

8. Musk

9. Myrrh -another great oil that gives power to any oil.

10. ginger color of the candle is very important as well:White -candles reflect all colors back.

Red -for sexual love.Pink -for love of the heart.Orange -for attraction. This is good for a calling.

Yellow -well being, concentration, intuition.

Green -represents health and healing, money, changes and renewal.

Blue -spiritual, healing, memory.

Indigo -Brow, third eye, psychic center. Helps to see aura. Psychic awareness.

Purple -Crown center, royal color, Deity, spiritual.

Brown -Stability.Grey -represents intuition.

When purchasing your candle, most witches buy the small candles which can be found in New Age stores. When you are doing your spell, think positive that it will work. Never, ever think that your spell will not work. When doing candle magick, leave an opening for Gods to let them make a decision. Also, set a time limit on the candle magick. Give it a certain amount of time for it to happen and if it does not, then do it again. Also remember, sometimes you just might not get your wish, and it might not be because you failed in your magick, but because it is not in the cards for you. Like you might ask to be rich but maybe this lifetime you are not meant to be rich. However, when your magick does work, do not forget to thank the Gods. Also, feel that feeling of how it feels when something great happens and put that same feeling in another candle magick that you do. When you are putting things together for magick, you are making magick work; you are energizing and enhancing magick. Ritual sweep is acquiring the ingredients you need for particular spell beforehand, thinking what you want, what will make it work. Spells do not last forever. If some time has passed, say a Full Moon or so then you must do it again.

To start with, write a paragraph of what you want. Then form into a few sentences, then a sentence, then a word. You have to visualize what you want. Do not narrow yourself on how you will get what you want, leave open for that. Most people go to a God for the energy source like Kuan Yin for love and compassion, etc. But know your energy source. If you do go to the Gods, make sure that you go to the God for that strength and character traits. You can charge your candle with a quartz crystal, or by using a laser wand crystal, or a magickal wand made out of a particular wood. You can place your candle on a Paton or pentacle. You can write a petition on parchment paper of what you specifically want and also putting certain oils on the paper or wrap herbs in the parchment paper as well or do both. Then fold parchment paper up and place it under your candle and let the candle burn down and then light parchment paper and watch it burn and while doing so, see what you want happening. Then take the ashes outside and toss them in the air to be taken to the Gods or bury them.


Remember the most important thing is what phase the moon is in. If it is waning, you want to work on something that you do not want anymore or some kind of psychic work. It is a great time for banishment of any kind. If it is waxing, then for new things to come into your life, etc. Or, suppose you are in need of money but the moon is waning, then you do a banishing spell of banishing poverty. You do not have to really wait for the moon—you just work WITH THE MOON.

Most witches are particular with the moon. If the moon is full at 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning, then sometime Saturday night, they will do their candle magick, because by 7:31 a.m. Sunday morning, the moon has started its waning process. Spells are too important to witches. If they want something bad enough, they will make time for their magick. Prepare for ritual. Decide what it is you want to work on which is called the ritual sweep we mentioned above.

You can prepare a sacred space or you can cast a circle. Sometimes, when you are preparing your candle for the type of magick, music can play a major roll in your candle magick. Music reaches into the depth of your soul and you need that depth to put in that candle. You need your feelings to be poured into that candle.

Ceremonial -make a test of things. Choose space and set up like props appropriately and then prepare yourself: wearing special clothes, jewelry, wear something different to trigger your mind. You will have done your homework in the oils and incenses you will need. Choose the color of candle best for the situation. Before this point, you will have done your petition and then you put that petition onto the candle with a special knife/cutter –something you use only for magickal purposes. Then you will put on the oil that goes with the spell onto your candle and all of the time you are rubbing that candle with the oil, you are visualizing that it has happened and that you got your wish.

There are different ways in which books tell you to rub the oil in your candle. There really is no wrong way. Only what you feel is right. But concentration is very important. When dressing the candle, see your spell as already happening. Do not say “I WANT” but “I HAVE,” as if it happened already. If you want to run your prepared candle through the smoke of your incense burner, then do so as well. Then you do a Rune of Consecration as follows:

“Upon this candle words of fire, spell out the words of my desire”

Take these words and give them wings, As they descend from thoughts to things. Bless these things and make them real. CONE OF POWER -Then you want to energize that candle. There are many ways to energize the candle –singing, chanting, dancing, meditation.

Some witches use a special rattle that is sacred to them. They start up slowly and start chanting and rattling over the candle to wake up the spirits. Some have turtle rattles that are very magickal. Then you go faster, faster, still chanting, and then faster till you think you are going to burst with it all. You are loud with your chanting, you are holding nothing back. Then all of a sudden, drop your rattle and grab candle with both hands and send that energy into that candle. Feel it going into the candle. This is called the Cone of Power. Then light the candle.

Some people prefer lighting their candles with the candle representing the Goddess. Also, if you have a feather or a feather with a crystal, whatever, with that feather you can send the energy up to the Gods. Birds are great messengers to the Gods. So imagine you are pushing, pushing that energy of your desires up with the feather until a bird comes to take your wish and watch that bird fly, fly away to the Gods. When done, you bind the candle spell with this Rune as follows:

“I call Earth to bind this spell, Air, speed its travel well. Fire, give it spirit from above, Water, quench my spell with love.”

Now watch the flame of your spell candle, and in that flame, see yourself having what you wished for. Let your spell candle burn completely and evenly. Some believe that if your candle does not burn down all the way that you will not get what you wished for. After this is done, do not think of spell again. Do not dwell on it. And remember KEEP SILENT. Do not go around and discuss your spell. There will be forces out there that will start tearing it down either by friends who do not believe in magick, etc.

If you cast a circle, then it is time for the Goddess to leave so say your farewells. Then dismiss the quarters. Drawback the energy of your circle. Now, remember, the candle must burn down by the end of the waxing moon or waning moon, depending on the magickal time you did it in. Never blow out a magickal candle. If you cannot let it burn all night, put it out by snuffing, and when you have more time, simply say a prayer over the candle, visualize your having what you want, light the candle and you are on your way. But most of your serious witches’ always make time for their candles to burn. You can also put the burning candle in the middle of your tub (no curtains around it of course) or in the kitchen sink, free of any articles in the sink.


A combination of need and will power is all that is necessary to do Magick. If you ask someone else to do your magic for you, it is unlikely that he or she will be able to produce the results that you could. The reason is that the Magician does not have the personal connection you have –the need for the Magick to succeed. You need the driving need for the Magick to work.


One of the most important ingredients for working Magick is will power. It follows, then, that the most important preparation for Magick is mental preparation. You must train yourself to focus exclusively on the object of your desire –your reason for working the Magick. You will need this concentration even before the ritual itself, for you will need it when making the candles and everything else connected with the ritual.