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(Fraxinus excelsior or F. americana)
Bark: G
Folk Names: Nion, Asktroed, Jasen Beli,
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Deities: Uranus, Poseidon, Thor, Woden,
Neptune, Mars, Gwydion
Powers: Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals,
Ritual Uses: The ash, to the ancient Teutons,
represented Ygdrasill, or the world tree,
which was their conception of the universe,
and was therefore reverenced.
Magical Uses: Carve a piece of ash wood into
a solar cross (equal-armed) and carry as a
protection against drowning while at sea. It
is also used in sea rituals, for it represents
the power which resides in water.
The leaves of the ash, when placed beneath the pillow, induce prophetic
It is, as with most trees, considered to be protective. A staff of ash
hung over the doorposts wards off malign influences and at one time
a garter made of the green bark was worn as a protectant against the
powers of sorcerers and conjurers. The leaves are also scattered to the
four directions to protect a house or area, and are used in protective
sachets and spells.
Healing wands are sometimes fashioned of ash wood, and a few ash
leaves placed in a bowl of water next to the bed, left overnight, will
prevent illnesses. The water should be discarded each morning and the
rite repeated each night.
If any person or animal has been bitten by a snake, make a circlet of
ash twigs and tie it around the victim’s neck (whether it be human or
otherwise) and it will cure them. (Of course, it would not hurt to get
the snakebite kit and call a doctor as well.) This spell probably works
because snakes have an innate fear of the ash tree; they will not crawl
over its wood.
If you burn ash wood at Yule, you will receive prosperity, and poppets
may be carved from the roots of the ash.
The ash attracts lightning, so don’t stand beneath one during an
electrical storm.
If you wish your newborn to be a good singer, bury its first nail parings
under an ash tree.
And to gain the love of the opposite sex, carry the leaves.