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(Celastrus scandens-American
Bittersweet; Solanum dulcamara-European
Bittersweet) American
Bittersweet: Poison
Folk Names: For American Bittersweet: Wax
Work, False Bittersweet. For European
Bittersweet: Violet Bloom, Felonwort,
Woody Nightshade, Scarlet Berry,
Dulcamara, Bitter Nightshade
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Powers: Protection, Healing
Magical Uses: Some bittersweet placed
beneath the pillow will help you in forgetting
a past love.
The bittersweet is also used to protect
against and to remove evil from both
humans and animals, by tying a small
piece of the herb somewhere on the body.
Tied to the neck, bittersweet cures vertigo
or dizziness of the head, according to