Children’s Room Spell

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The bedrooms of children of any age can be enchanted to
enhance their happiness and well-being. This spell can be
cast for a room where one child sleeps or for a room that is
shared by two or more children. It is best cast by the
parent(s) but can be cast by anyone who cares about the
kids. You will need:
pine or rosemary incense
a writing implement (Use a pencil if you will be
painting the room, something heavier if you will be
putting up wallpaper.)
Optional: a mojo bag that contains vervain (for their
happiness and learning ability), a citrine (to protect
them from negative influences), chamomile (for their
emotional security), and any other charms that you
would like to add
Empty the roomcompletely. Open the window(s) to air it out,
and clean the room thoroughly. Be sure to clean the
closet(s), as well as the bathroom if the room has an
attached bath. Keep scrubbing and sweeping or vacuuming
until you feel that the room has become void of any
vibrations that it previously held.
The Spell
Get into a magickal mood, and create sacred space in the
clean room. Bring in the incense, and light it. Visualize the
bedroom as a place of strength, encouragement, and refuge
for the children. Raise power, and pour all your love and
hopes for them into the room. Fill the bedroom with that
feeling, and visualize it being absorbed into the walls, floor,
and ceiling.
While the incense burns, inscribe the names of the
following gods and goddesses upon the walls. Change the
wording as needed for number and gender, and say each
sentence aloud as you write the name of the deity.
On the door or above the doorway, write: “ABEONA, to
protect them when they are away from home. ADEONA, to
safeguard them at school.” Above their beds, write:
“CARDEA, to watch over themwhile they sleep.”
Anywhere in the room, write: “ARTEMIS, to protect them.
ISIS, to watch over them. SEKHMET, to safeguard them.
BAST, to look after them. LEGBA, to ward them. LA SIRENE,
to protect them in the tub and shower. KWAN YIN, to keep
them safe. JEZANNA, to keep them healthy. SASTHI, for
their happiness and welfare. BES, for their laughter.
YEMAYA, to comfort themwhenever they need comforting.”
Remain in the room until the incense finishes burning.
(Light another stick or add more to the censer, if needed.)
Look around the room, and feel the difference that your work
has made in its spirit of place. Envision happy, healthy, wellbalanced kids growing up there. If you have made a charm
bag, hold it in the incense smoke to smudge it while you do
Once your visualization is complete, and the incense has
burned out, ground the power that you raised. You can now
paint or wallpaper the room, then furnish and decorate it. If
you have made a mojo bag, secrete it somewhere in the
room, such as under a floorboard or in the back of a closet.