Collecting Protective Crystals

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Protective Crystals have innate qualities as well as healing and empowering properties and so can offer instant harmony and energy even in the most draining situations.

Certain crystals have, over the millennia, from Ancient Babylon, Egypt and the Orient, acquired the reputation of possessing strong protective qualities and are also usually potent in strengthening and healing.

These include amber, black agate, amethyst, bloodstone, carnelian, garnet, jade, black and red
jasper, jet, lapis lazuli, tiger’s eye, topaz and turquoise. However, as you work with crystals and
stones, you may discover that a particular crystal or even a stone from the seashore fills you with calm and confidence; if you carry or hold this at times when you feel vulnerable, it will increase in power the more you use it.

Build up a collection of small protective crystals with which you can ring your bed for quiet sleep or place around your home or workplace to absorb the negativity of others. Buy or make a dark silk or natural fabric drawstring bag or purse in which you can carry a single protective crystal, or your
crystal pairs (see below), whenever you leave home. Place them in the four corners of a room that
always seems dark or inhospitable. Set crystals at the four corners of the table where you are carrying
out divinatory or psychic work to act as a psychic shield from negativity or debilitating emotions.