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(Primula veris) G
Folk Names: Arthritica, Artetyke, Buckles,
Cuy, Drelip, Fairy Cup, Frauenschlussel
(German), Herb Peter, Key Flower, Key
of Heaven, Lady’s Key, Lippe, Our Lady’s
Keys, Paigle, Paralysio, Password, Peggie,
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Deity: Freya
Powers: Healing, Youth, Treasure-Finding
Magical Uses: A bit of cowslip placed
beneath the front porch will discourage
visitors, if you don’t wish to have company.
Cowslip, when carried or worn, will
preserve youth, or restore it when lost. The
odor of cowslip is healing, and a bunch of
the flowers held in the hand will help you
find hidden treasure