Divination Tools

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Anything from clouds, crystals, incense smoke, or tarot, oracle, or playing
cards can be read for divining purposes. All you need is to feel attuned to interpret what
you see. Images may appear to you unbidden with a voice within you, telling you the
meaning of what you see. The image you see may even change upon acknowledging it,
to confirm your thoughts/feelings on the matter. As always, listen to that inner voice.
Divination is not necessarily to predict the future, but to see the energies affecting
future events to see how they’re aligned. From there you can allow things to flow as they
were, or make changes to alter that alignment, to change that future possibility.
Nothing is predestined in witchcraft, because The Power of the Craft comes from
the ability of the witch to create changes. If you see something you don’t like, you can
perform magics and call upon The Power to shift that thing you don’t like to something

There are a number of tools you can use for Divination, but you don’t have to
spend a lot of money on them. Crystal ball scrying is typically thought of in connection
with witchcraft, but a pan or bowl of water works equally well for scrying. Divination
can be done with fire, smoke, cloud shapes & movement, bird flight, and the patterns of
the falling leaves. Anything that is connected with nature that inspires a feeling of
meaningfulness within you is a possible source of Divination.

If the Lord and Lady (etc) want to show you something, they can use anything to
do this. Even the bowl of cereal you’re eating for breakfast. Visions can be found
anywhere. You just need to be open to them to start seeing them.

Scrying the clouds works on different levels of divination. Sometimes they show
events to come, but usually the things you see will resonate on a personal level. If you
see a wild and reckless “rade” of horses and riders flying across the sky, you’re getting a
glimpse of the Wild Hunt, warning of turmoil in the place where the clouds are heading.
If you see white unicorns, you have good fortune and success with you. If you see black
unicorns, call upon the white unicorns to chase them away from where you are, for they
are emotional storms and portents of disruptions in your life.

Watch the clouds around the moon during Esbat. Look for cloud formations
during unusual planetary events like eclipses. Check the clouds for replies to your spell
workings and invocations.

For divination in cards, you can use tarot cards that speak to you in the store that
you purchase yourself, or are gifted by a friend (never steal!), or a basic playing cards
deck can be used with just as much success. The point of the divination tools is that they
offer a tool to focus on, not that they hold the power themselves.

You can use a variety of small stones as cards, if you pick up ones that provide
you with distinct impressions. When you gather stones, meditate on each one in a quiet
time with a white candle, and a gentle incense to open your reception to the meaning of
the stone. Once you see what the stone represents for you, name the stone and write
down its meaning. Keep them in a bag and when doing divination, reach in and pull
them out the same way you would draw your cards.