Everyday Tarot Magic: Meditation & Spells: by Dorothy Morrison

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Turn your Tarot deck into a hot line to the spirit world! Who needs a red phone to the spirit world when you have a Tarot deck-a powerful tool for bringing personal desires into reality. Everyday Tarot Magic, by the author of the bestselling Everyday Magic and The Craft, shows how anyone can use the Tarot to enrich his or her life through spellworking and meditation. Learn how to begin reading the cards for yourself and others. Discover the specific cards that can affect your life. Plus select from over 140 spells and rituals that span ninety magical categories, including releasing bad habits, increasing personal magnetism, basic protection spells, and spells to keep romance alive. Selling Features •Provides a basic working knowledge of the Tarot and an easy-to-learn system for reading the cards •Includes more than 140 tarot-related spells, rituals, and exercises spanning ninety categories •Presents numerological methods for finding your spirit card, lesson card, talent card, and personal year card •Helps the reader regain control over his or her life by offering positive solutions to negative situations