From stables to the board room

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In her childhood, Emily loved drawing pictures of racehorses. Although she never bothered to bet on them, as an adult she enjoyed watching horse races on television.

When she came for a regression her connection with horses became clear. In a former life, she’d been the wife of a racehorse owner. She’d been fully involved in her husband’s work and had learned a lot in that world.

Afterwards she said the skills she’d gained in that life were now coming in handy in a completely new way. She explained that she worked in the human resources department of a major organization.

‘There’s always an undercurrent of company politics going on there’, she said. ‘It’s unspoken of course, but I know about it anyway. I think that instinct comes from my life in the world of horse racing.

‘Now I can always tell the difference between what people say and what they really mean. In that life I learned a lot about horses – but much more about people!’