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The Full Moon is ruled by the Mother Goddess, and contrary to popular belief,
Her energy isn’t necessarily just a one-day affair. In fact, many practitioners
consider it to be full (and use its energy as such) for one day before the calendar
date and one day after. This is really good news magically for a couple of
reasons. For one thing, the Full Moon can be used for any effort at all, but more
importantly, the Moon’s energy peaks during this time. This means that any
effort performed during the Full Moon is not only charged to the max, but packs
a cosmic wallop when released into the Universe. Because of this, most
practitioners save this phase for handling difficult or complicated matters, or for
efforts that require an extra boost.
What about the debates on the phases of the Dark and Waxing Moons? Who’s
right? Who’s wrong? More specifically though, how should practitioners handle
the Moon phases in order to achieve the best magical success?
The fact of the matter is, like magic itself, there is no right or wrong. How
you handle the energies of these Moon phases and apply their powers is your
decision alone. Just remember that magic is designed to make your life easier,
not the other way around, so do whatever feels right for you and let it go at that.
Remember that you are the magician, the matrix from which all magic flows,
and as such, you are at the controls.