Kitchen Spell

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The kitchen is the center of a home, so bespelling it can
benefit the entire family as well as everyone who eats the
food prepared there. This spell is best cast by the person
who will do most of the cooking, but it could be cast on
behalf of the household (with permission) by someone who
cares about them. You will need:
an incense of Fire, such as copal, rose, dragon’s
blood, or frankincense
a writing implement (Use a pencil if you will be
painting the room, something heavier if you will be
putting up wallpaper.)
Optional: a Kitchen Witch (This is a witch doll, or a
ceramic figure of a witch, that is meant to be
displayed as a charmin a kitchen. Housewares shops
often carry them.)
Empty the kitchen of everything except any appliances that
are too difficult to move. Open the window(s) to air it out,
and clean the room thoroughly. Be sure to clean the
cabinets, any cupboards or pantries, as well as any attached
area such as a deck or porch. Keep scrubbing and sweeping
until you feel that the room is devoid of any vibrations it
previously held.
The Spell
Get into a magickal mood, and create sacred space in the
kitchen. Bring in the incense, and put it on the stove or in
the place where the stove will be. Light it, and raise power.
Envision the kitchen as a center of warmth, comfort, love,
and nurturing. Raise power, and pour all of those feelings
into the room. Visualize it as Magick Central, a place whose
positive magnetic energy will draw people to it and foster
happy times. Picture the wonderful meals that will be
prepared there and how they will nourish people,
emotionally as well as physically. Fill the room with those
thoughts, and visualize them being absorbed into the walls,
floor, cabinets, appliances, and ceiling.
While the incense burns, inscribe the names of the
following gods and goddesses upon the walls. Change the
wording if needed, and say each sentence aloud as you
write the name of the deity. Over the doorway, write: “THE
LARES, to protect the household. THE PENATES, to
safeguard the family. TSAO-CHÜN, to watch over the
family.” Above or near the stove, write: “BRIGID, for
warmth. THOR, for strength. ERTHA, for abundance. ZEUS,
for protection. CHANTICO, for security. DOLYA, for good
luck. VESTA, for a happy home. HESTIA, for a peaceful
home. ATHENE, for family unity. USHAS, to protect the
hearth. KIKIMORA, to keep the house in good order.”
Remain in the kitchen until the incense finishes burning.
Light another stick or add more to the censer, if needed. If
you have a Kitchen Witch, hold it in the incense smoke to
smudge it while you look around the room and feel the
difference that your work has made in its spirit of place.
Once your visualization is complete and the incense has
burned out, ground the power that you raised. You can now
paint or wallpaper the kitchen, then move everything into it.
If there is a Kitchen Witch, place or hang it where it can be
seen from the stove.