Lady of Bright Inspiration Spell

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Are you out of ideas? Could your creativity use a boost?
This spell creates a magickally charged candle that you can
burn whenever you need inspiration. It can be cast at any
time but is most powerfully cast five nights before the Full
Moon (use a calendar to time this). You will need:
an amethyst
a large purple candle with a flat bottom, such as a
pillar candle (A round candle is best, but any shape
will work. Any shade of purple is fine.)
a cauldron that is large enough to hold the candle (A
bowl, pot, dish, or other container can be substituted
if you first hold your hands over it and say, “You are
now my cauldron.” Be sure that the candle will sit
stably in the bottom of the cauldron and be unlikely
to topple over.)
one-quarter cup canola oil (This must be canola oil,
because Canola is an Irish goddess of inspiration.
You can get it froma grocery store.)
three drops of blue food coloring
two drops of red food coloring (Five drops of violet
or purple food coloring can be used instead of the
red and blue.)
Assemble all of the spell ingredients, preferably in sacred
space. Face East. Pour the oil into the cauldron, and add the
food coloring. Use the index finger of your projective hand
to stir the oil deosil until it is thoroughly mixed to a uniform
purple color. Be sure to stir it deosil, because you are
working an attraction spell to draw the energies of
inspiration to you.
Put the amethyst in the center of the cauldron, and leave it
there overnight. Place the cauldron near a window that faces
East, if possible.
The Spell
Get into a magickal mood the next day, and create sacred
space around the area where you will be working. You can
do this at any time of day, but it is most powerfully done in
moonlight. Raise power. Focus on inspiration as you face
East, and dress the candle to charge it with power. Hold the
candle with your receptive hand. Dip the indexfinger of your
projective hand into the oil in the cauldron, and rub the
candle with it from bottom to top. Repeat this until the entire
candle is covered, saying:
Cerridwen, White Lady of Inspiration,
Bless this cauldron with the waters of inspiration.
Brigid, Lady of Bright Inspiration,
Bless this candle with the fires of inspiration.
Nimuë, White Lady of Day,
Enchant this spell with inspiration.
There is likely to still be some oil in the cauldron when you
finish dressing the candle. Push the amethyst to the side of
the cauldron. Hold the candle by its wick, and set it upright
in the middle of the cauldron, so that any remaining oil
puddles around its base. Thank the goddesses, and ground
the power that you raised.
Leave the cauldron, oil, and candle as they are, and put
them in a safe place until you need them. It isn’t a problem if
the oil should dry up. If your need for inspiration is
constant, wash off the amethyst, and keep it with you as a
Light the candle whenever you need inspiration or new
ideas or want to get your creative juices flowing. You can
burn the candle whenever you like, but it will work most
powerfully in moonlight. Each time that you light it, say:
Flame of Inspiration, guide me.
Burn the candle for as long as you need, and then extinguish
it. Never blow it out, because you might accidentally
extinguish the magick. Use a candle snuffer instead, or wet
your fingers and pinch the wick to put the candle out.
Depending on what type of candle you use, its wax may
melt down into the cauldron. It’s fine if this happens. Leave
the wax there until the candle has been consumed, the
magick is exhausted, and you are ready to clean out the
cauldron. If you use a pillar candle, its wax may need to be
poured off or trimmed away after each use, in order to keep
the wick exposed. If you must trim the candle, put the excess
waxback into the cauldron.
Discard the candle when it is finished. The cauldron and
amethyst can be washed and used again, to repeat this spell
or for another magickal purpose.