Lady of the Lake Spell

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Every lake is presided over by a goddess or female nature
spirit. It isn’t necessary to know her name in order to call
upon her powers, because you can address her by the title
of Lady of the Lake.
This spell can be cast early on any day (except when the
lake is frozen), but it is best cast at dawn on a misty morning.
You will need:
a small glass bottle with a cork or cap
a red candle
a piece of paper with your wish written on it (If you
like, you can use a color of ink that relates to your
wish, such as pink for romance, dark blue for justice,
light blue for peace, orange for action, red for
strength, purple for wisdom, green for healing or
fertility, and so on.)
enough sunflower seeds to fill the bottle (Substitute
sunflower oil or sunflower petals if the neck of your
bottle is too narrow for sunflower seeds to pass
through it. Don’t be concerned if you use oil and the
ink runs, because your words will still be in the
Get into a magickal mood, and gather the spell ingredients.
Light the candle, and create sacred space around the area
where you will be working. Keep repeating your wish aloud
as you prepare the spell bottle.
Roll up the paper on which you have written your wish,
and insert it into the bottle. Fill the bottle with the sunflower
seeds, and seal it. Drip candle wax over the top of the bottle
to create a waterproof seal. Use as much wax as you like for
this, until the bottle looks magickal and feels enchanted to
Place the bottle beside the candle. Concentrate on your
wish, as you monitor the candle until it burns itself out. The
spell bottle is then ready.
The Spell
Take the bottle to a lake. The spell will be cast when the
bottle is thrown into the water, so choose a good spot from
which to do this.
Breathe deeply. Listen to the sounds of the lake and any
of its creatures who may be up and about. Notice the colors,
scents, and beauty of the location. Allow yourself to
experience the magick of the lake. Raise power, and say
Awake, awake, Lady of this Lake!
I will give my wish for you to take.
By the power of daybreak,
Please grant it quickly, for my sake.
Shake the spell bottle, and say:
Lady of the Lake, awaken!
Bottle shaken, bottle taken,
Don’t grant my wish if I’m mistaken.
Lady of this Lake, awaken!
Bottle shaken, bottle taken,
Heart’s wish unforsaken,
No harm done when it’s betaken!
Throw the bottle into the lake, as far out as you can, as you
say again:
Awake, awake, Lady of this Lake!
I give my wish for you to take.
By the power of daybreak,
Please grant it quickly, for my sake.
Ground the power that you raised. Contemplate the lake
quietly for a few minutes, then leave.
Remember to thank the Lady of the Lake when your wish is
granted. If your wish is not granted, know that this is
because granting it would have caused harm to you, or to
someone else. Meditate on your wish. Look for any ethical
problems with it. Try to think of another way of making the
wish (such as wishing for the love of a good person, rather
than the love of a specific person; or wishing for a better
job, rather than wishing for someone else’s job). If you can
come up with an alternate wish, ask the Lady of the Lake to
grant that.