Magical Work

The types, forms, and intentions of magical work occurring during a Wiccan ritual are as varied as every other aspect of Wicca and witchcraft: It may involve any combination of actions, tools, words, simple or complex spellwork, a tea or brew, chanting and/or movement, candle work, etc. The options for magical discovery are truly endless. The purpose of the magic can also be anything under the sun—as long as the impact is positive, and does no harm. Many Wiccans choose to work for spiritual as well as material progress, using the Sabbats as opportunities to reflect on their lives at each point in the Wheel and work for balance or any desired change. However, magical work does not have to be part of the Wiccan ritual and certainly isn’t limited to it. Witches will incorporate magical work, as they are able and inclined to do so, into any part of their daily lives. The tools described in the next section are used in both Wiccan ritual and many other forms of Witchcraft, in the ways and for the purposes that feel appropriate to the Witches who use them.