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Aside from the fact that Santa has to live somewhere, and that he appears publicly only in the wintertime, his icy native home, is said to be, an American inclusion, of no particular significance.

After pondering the matter,, the death-rebirth symbolism becomes apparent in Santa’s affiliation with the North Pole.

For one thing, the land he lives in is dark and cold; so cold, in fact, that nothing could ever survive its bitterness.

Yet, the kindest, jolliest man in the world, not only lives there happily but brings warmth and joy, to the hearts of everyone else on the planet.

Looking at it from this angle, it becomes apparent that the Sun, (Santa Claus), is born each winter, and thrives against its chill, (the North Pole).

This is one of the ideas, upon which, the Winter Solstice celebration is based.