Past Lives: Back to Stonehenge

Carrie experienced a subtler form of exile. She’d gone to visit Stonehenge – and felt nothing but anger and hostility towards the place. So she came for a regression to see if there was a past-life reason for this.

She went back to a time when she was a female shamanic practitioner in that part of the world. It was a meaningful way of life, full of ancient wisdom and the mysteries of nature.

At that time, Stonehenge symbolized the beginning of a new way. It represented more mental control over religion, with greater male dominance. The people were impressed with the great new ceremonies. The old shamans and wise women were increasingly ignored and pushed aside. This was why she still hated Stonehenge.

Talking it over afterwards, Carrie said she couldn’t see her way to resolving this issue. She wasn’t ready to let go of her anger.

But a few months later, I heard from her again. She’d been back to Stonehenge to try and make her peace with it. While there, she’d gone into meditation. She was granted a sweeping vision of the many different good ways in which Stonehenge has served and helped people. One of those ways included help she herself had received from Stonehenge in a previous life.

‘I’d gone there with some horrible illness,’ she said. ‘And the place somehow cured me. I was so happy and grateful. So I’ve decided that my earlier self needs to stop hating Stonehenge. I’m fine with it now.’