Past Lives: Discovering your special past-life places

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Here is something that may nudge your memories and spark off clues about the places you once lived in.

Sometimes an answer will come up straight away, as if from nowhere. Other times your mind may take you on a relaxed wander around the subject. Both ways will give you information about your past lives in special places.

Choose a time when you can be quiet and relaxed. Pick one of the following questions, and put it to your inner self. Then wait for words, images or feelings to come up.

If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
Go back to an important journey. What was the deeper reason for it?
When and where did that journey really begin?
Where would you like to return to one day?
Which place in the world does your inner self most want to visit?
Which place do you never wish to see?
Which place has benefited your spirit the most?
Where was your past life just before this one?
Where have you spent most of your lives?
Where was your first life on Earth?