Past Lives: Getting past-life clues from your childhood memories

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Our childhood memories are full of clues about our former lives. Dressing-up games, our favourite periods in history, our unexpected skills and our loves and hates – all are rich sources of information. Following these clues can open up a pathway taking us back to the past-life awareness that we had when we were very young.

Choose a time when you can forget the demands of the world, and relax somewhere comfortable. Focus on one of the 10 key questions listed below. Let them waft you gently back to your childhood – and beyond. There’s no need to rush this. One topic per session is probably enough. In your childhood:

What were your preferred activities or hobbies?
What special events stand out?
What were your favourite books, comics or magazines?
What games did you play?
Which subjects at school did you love or hate?
Which films or TV shows made the biggest impact on you?
Do you remember having any big emotional reactions about anything?
What was your favourite food?
What clothes did you love or hate to wear?
Did you have any strong attitudes about anything?
When it feels like enough for one day, keep a note of whatever came up. As you
progress, you’ll be able to piece together all kinds of past-life clues from the
secret garden of your childhood memories.

Thorough professional research has shown that young children are often in touch with their past lives.

Under the age of eight, children talk freely about past-life memories. In many cases, the details they’ve given have been verified beyond doubt. There are more past-life clues in children’s abilities, feelings and attitudes.

Childhood games may point not only to former life experiences but also to their healing.