Past Lives: Hiding from the Soldiers

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Renate came for a regression because she’d suffered from claustrophobia all her life, and wondered if there was a past-life cause for it.

She went back to a seventeenth-century life during the English Civil War. She was hiding from enemy soldiers in a farmhouse. The soldiers suspected she was there, and kept coming back to search the place again. Every time they came, she had to scramble into a tiny, dark cellar under a trapdoor. She’d wait there in breathless terror till they’d gone. One night the soldiers found her there. They dragged her out, took her away and killed her. This was the origin of her fear of small, enclosed places.

Afterwards Renate told me that the guesthouse where she was currently staying had a small, windowless bathroom. Before the regression, because of her claustrophobia, she hated having to use it. The evening after the regression she enjoyed a relaxing bath in there without any of her old fears coming up. Her claustrophobia had lost its grip on her as soon as she understood where it had come from.