Past Lives: How regression works

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Most people come for a regression about a current problem they feel might have originated in a former lifetime. Regression is effective because it can track the past-life cause of many things that are happening in our lives today.

It works because the subconscious mind is a huge storehouse of information about all our lives and experiences. This information isn’t passive – it’s not like books in a library, which we can decide to read or ignore.

Although our past lives may be long gone, their memories remain alive within us. They play an active part in our psyche, continuing to influence us in all kinds of unconscious ways. This can have both beneficial and obstructive effects on our present life.

Past lives are like a fairy godmother that comes to us at birth. They endow us with all kinds of positive gifts, such as personal qualities, special talents, and a lot of good karma.

However, a bad fairy sometimes comes to the new baby as well. This one casts the dark spells of negative past-life experiences. At their worst, these hidden influences can drain our energy with anxiety, depression, neuroses or phobias. They may also show up in the form of strange moods, unintended slips of the tongue, and physical symptoms.

People sometimes experience negative past-life effects as an invisible block in their lives. They keep reaching for success or fulfillment. But like the main character in Alice Through the Looking Glass, they just go round in circles, always ending up back where they started.

In the twentieth century, psychologists found the magic key to solving these issues. They found that the best way was to regress their patients back to when the problem began. As soon as people knew that, the issue lost its unconscious power over them. After that, their old symptoms melted away.

This is why regression can break the dark spells that would otherwise haunt people throughout their lives. And it’s not just a theory. Countless case studies have shown how effectively it works.