Past Lives: Minoan ways

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‘My cousin Frances is visiting Glastonbury this weekend. She’s big on Minoan culture and lived on a Greek island for 12 years.

‘She’s writing and researching about the ancient Minoan civilization and is interested in meeting anyone with some knowledge of or interest in such things, while she’s here.’

During her visit, Frances came to me for a regression. Unsurprisingly, one of the past lives she discovered was in ancient Minoa. In that life she was a woman who did administrative work. She wasn’t important or rich – but it was one of her happiest lives because of the kind of world she was living in.

Minoan women enjoyed enviable levels of freedom and equality. This might have been because the Minoans placed great value on the ‘yin’ qualities of compassion, sensitivity and creativity. As a result, they lived in a joyful, gentle and beautiful world.

Years later, Frances told me that that particular lifetime was the source of more than just her academic interest in Minoa. It was also an inner touchstone for an ideal community that she’d been seeking. She realized that she’d always been on a mission to bring the civilized ways of ancient Minoa back into the world today.