Past Lives: Pulled out of the well

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The following case ticks enough boxes to sound real. ‘My nephew Jake is four years old,’ said Vivienne. ‘We were doing some sightseeing, and we came across a well. As soon as Jake saw it, he rushed up to it, and said “Uncle Rick was in here! I had to throw him a rope. I pulled him out.”

When the family later returned to the same place, Jake had exactly the same reaction to the well. The adults asked him at different times if this is like one of his dragon stories – a fantasy.

‘No!’ was his adamant reply every time. ‘This is real.’ Vivienne said the unusually mature and consistent way he talked about this
incident convinced her that he was telling the truth. In a previous incarnation, it seemed that he really had saved his uncle’s life by pulling him out of a well. Child prodigies

Socrates said that genius is no accident. Outstanding abilities come from many lives of training and practice. The definition of a prodigy is a pre-teen child with a talent as good as or better than adults in the same field. The world usually gets to hear about the outstanding ones, such as Mozart. But there are probably countless children with all kinds of abilities from past lives that don’t necessarily lead to world fame.

Kathleen told me that when she was three years old she used to draw a line on the floor, and then try to walk along it. It felt important to keep doing this. When she grew up, she discovered that in a past life she’d been a tightrope artist. Her strange little childhood game finally made sense. The importance of keeping in practice had been so deeply instilled in her that she’d kept it up even in the early years of her next life.