Past Lives: Return to Wales

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Laurie yearned to live in Wales, but life kept blocking her from making that move. She wondered if this was due to a past-life problem, and came for a regression to find out.

She went back to the life of a Victorian Welshman, working on the railway. There was an industrial dispute. He spoke out in a hotheaded way – and lost his job. Because he’d been blacklisted, he couldn’t find work again. He had to endure the guilt and sorrow of seeing his family beg for charity as he couldn’t support them.

In the second half of the session, Laurie’s spirit guide said this experience had cut her off not only from Wales, but also from her own voice. In that life, because of the terrible consequences it had had, she’d decided never to speak out again. This guilt also made her feel exiled from her beloved Wales. She felt that she didn’t deserve to go back there.

We did some work on forgiving herself and getting her voice back. Less than six months later, both a job and a place to stay came up for her in Wales. It was suddenly easy for her to move there.

‘The first day I was back there, I went for a long walk in the hills – and sang my heart out!’ she said.