Past Lives: The Court Jester

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In classroom play readings Frank always got the part of the comedian. In one school play he had to wear the traditional jester’s outfit of motley colours with cap and bells. He said that for some strange reason he really hated wearing that outfit.

In his regression he discovered a past life as a court jester. This life went to the core of his current problem. He had to decide whether to speak out about something important in a serious way that might backfire on him – or to stay safe by pretending to make light of the matter. In his past life as the jester he’d faced the same problem, risking real danger if he spoke his mind. But he decided to follow his conscience and speak out.

‘I packed my things so I could leave quickly if I had to. I then dressed as an ordinary person. I went to see the lord of the castle. There was no one else in the room, just him and me. I was very afraid. But I told him what I felt I must. ‘There was a long silence. Then he said that I was right not to wear my jester clothes any more, because that life had just ended. I thought that meant he was going to kill me. But instead, he promoted me to be one of his advisors. It was the biggest relief I’ve ever felt!

‘That’s why I hated putting on the jester costume when I was a boy. It represented taking a step backwards. It meant being a coward and playing it safe.’