Past Lives: The medieval battlefield

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One of my clients, Clara, told me that some years ago she had suddenly had a strong impulse to lock herself in the bathroom, where she’d be private and undisturbed.

Once there, she lay down on the floor and closed her eyes. She was instantly transported back to a medieval battlefield.

‘I saw Death come and peer at me to see if I was ready for him,’ she said. ‘He was exactly as he appeared in those old pictures – a skeleton in a ragged cloak with a giant sickle.

‘But it wasn’t my time to go with him. He shook his head and went away. Two soldiers then came. They put me on a stretcher and took me off the battlefield. After that it faded.’

When she came for a regression, Clara discovered that in Scotland hundreds of years ago she’d been one of the leaders in a battle. The man she was in that life was badly injured and taken off the field exactly as she’d recalled.

After a long time he recovered from his wounds. But he could never fight again. He’d fought his last battle in that lifetime. It happened at the same age Clara was when she had that strange vision in the bathroom.

At that age, Clara’s life had also taken a new turn. She’d given up a high-flying career to become a farmer’s wife.

‘That was difficult for me at first,’ she said. ‘I felt so isolated. I also saw myself as useless because I wasn’t doing important work any more. It must have been how I felt in that life when I had to stop being a warrior. Maybe this is why I had that flashback.

‘But later on I got over those feelings. I found that my new way of life was full of good things. I’d never go back to the old way now.

‘And now I also know that my Scottish warrior did the same thing. He got over not being able to

fight again. He felt good about becoming a wise advisor instead.

‘I wonder now if I linked up to that past life because we’ve been helping each other in some way. We both needed to let go of an old way of life. We both had to find the good in a new way. Maybe it was easier for me to do that in this life because I’d already done the same sort of thing.’

Issues from our past lives can sometimes come back to us in a new way. But as we progress, they get lighter and easier to deal with. Our past selves, who walked that path before us, help us to get through the rough patches. They may come to us with the strange clothes and quaint ways of bygone times – but the gifts they bring are timeless.