Past Lives: The orphans

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A mother’s dreams about her children can be so strong that they go beyond one lifetime. In her book Yesterday’s Children, Jenny Cockell described how a past-life drama spilled into the present. It began with a recurring childhood dream. She kept dreaming that she was a
grown woman called Mary, lying in bed, dying of a fever. After those dreams, she’d always wake up crying. Her grief wasn’t for the dying woman, but for her eight children who were about to be left alone in the world.

Those dreams haunted Jenny for so long that she became convinced she’d once been that dying woman. In some of the dreams, she saw her past-life village so clearly that she could draw maps and pictures of it. She said it felt like somewhere in Ireland.

One day, she decided to find out. She scoured the records, eventually tracking down a woman called Mary Sutton, who’d died of a fever and left eight children. Mary had lived in a small village near Dublin in the first half of the twentieth century. When Jenny went there, she said it was like her dream had come to life. The village was exactly like the maps and pictures she’d drawn of it.

With so much confirmed, her next step was to contact the eight orphans with her amazing news. Much older by then, they were doubtful at first about this stranger’s tale, but they gave it a fair hearing. To their surprise, they found that Jenny knew private family details that no one but their late mother could possibly have known.

It looked as if their long-lost mother had indeed returned – and Jenny was able to put a lifetime of anxiety about them behind her at last.
Can you remember what you knew about your past lives when you were very young? That may not be so easy to recall now. But if you go through the following exercise, you may begin to unearth the past-life clues that your inner child has for you.