Past Lives: The pilgrimage

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Many of us had key past lives in important spiritual centers. Revisiting those places reconnects us with the inner strength, clarity and wisdom we had while living there. While visiting ancient sites all kinds of clues and synchronicities about past lives there may pop up. People have also reported feeling back in touch with the knowledge they had in those times. This can apply not only to ancient temples but to whole countries. Jo told me how happy she was to have ‘got India back’. All her life she’d had dreams that were obviously set in India. But she had a love—hate feeling about it, and no wish ever to go there. ‘Then one night I woke up after one of those dreams about India. I went back into the dream in a semi-lucid way. It showed me the places I’d been dreaming about. There were Mogul palaces, city slums and little villages in the country. Someone was with me, explaining it all to me. He said in India I’d once lived a life of luxury, but I’d felt guilty about it at the time. In another life I’d lived in the slums and found that very hard. My happiest times there were when I was far away from palaces or cities. ‘He said I needed to accept now that I’d had all those experiences for a reason. I won’t have to go back to them again. I can be at peace with all of those lives now.’ Later Jo went on holiday to India for the first time. She loved everything about it – its swarming cities, grand palaces, and tiny villages. She felt that her enjoyment was a sign that she’d finally made peace with all her past lives there.