Past Lives: The spiral path

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Cultures throughout the world have used mazes and labyrinths as a symbol of the spiritual journey. The remains of an ancient spiral pathway are still visible today winding its way around Glastonbury Tor.

People who’ve trod that path say the old magic is still there. Peter felt that it reconnected him to a former Druid lifetime.

‘Whenever life is getting too much for me, I walk that path around the Tor. It takes me back to a much earlier time. It was when I was more in touch with the magic of nature.

‘It always feels as if I have a hooded cloak on. The material is quite rough. And I have the urge to chant. I don’t want to call attention to myself, so I just hum quietly. But I can sense what it originally sounded like, and I listen to that in my mind.

‘Walking the spiral path like that always restores my energy and refreshes my spirit.’