Past Lives: The train 6.4

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Wendell had to work with a group of people who were beginning to drive him mad with their rigid adherence to petty rules. During that time he dreamed of being in a train with them. They were a wealthy family, dressed in 1920s clothes. Wendell was their butler.

He said the train was moving at great speed through the twentieth century. Flashing by were images of the Depression, wartime London, rock-and-roll parties, mini skirts and flower-power hippies.

Next morning he realized what the dream was about. His irritation with the group had come from his past life with them. He felt that they looked down on him as a servant.

He also saw where their old-fashioned attitudes came from. But the rushing train meant they were leaving those ways behind and speeding into a new future. Wendell found that understanding this made a great difference. He felt more confident and relaxed with the group and his relationship with them soon improved.