Past Lives: What if stuff that I don’t want to talk about comes up?

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You can simply keep quiet. Although it’s more helpful for your therapy if you do discuss what’s coming up, there’s no obligation to talk about anything if it will make you feel uncomfortable.

You can also let your therapist know that you want to observe what arises, but without talking about it. And whenever you wish, you can ask to be moved to another memory or brought out of the session altogether.

What if I find out that I was a bad person?

Everyone on Earth has made all kinds of mistakes in their past lives. Nobody can point a finger at anyone else. We learn and grow through our mistakes. By the time this kind of past-life memory comes up, you’ve moved on from who you were in those days.

The memory comes up because it’s time to forgive your past self and heal the effects of that life. Owning this kind of memory also enables you to move ahead with greater compassion and understanding for both yourself and others. Is there any danger of becoming stuck in the regressed state?

None whatsoever. It’s a natural state of relaxation, which you’ll come out of whenever you feel ready.

In the past, people assumed that everyday consciousness was all that we consisted of. But we now know that different states of consciousness are a natural part of our human make-up and heritage.

Because of these discoveries, past-life knowledge may one day be an integral part of everyday life. Knowing how it works, we’ll be able to access helpful past-life memories whenever we need to.