Past Lives: Working with the past

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People may express their attachment to past eras through their hobbies or their work. Writers of historical novels and films could be unconsciously drawing on past-life memories. The writer Joan Grant said that her historical novels about Ancient Egypt were actually stories from her past lives.

Museum exhibits can jog ancient memories in both visitors and the people who work there. Historians may specialize in the times they once knew first-hand in person. In their search for ancient artefacts, many an archaeologist could be unconsciously digging for their own past.

People may be drawn to work with particular times in history for one of the following reasons:

A sense of mission to restore those old ways to the world.
Personal unfinished business from that time.
Loyalty to the leaders, causes or ideals of that era.
A need to ‘go back’ to make up for something or put matters right.
To recover something or someone they lost or left behind there.