Planetary Correspondence, The Sun

Symbols Hexagram, diadem, alchemical crucible
Deities Apollo, Sol, Dionysos, Helios, Bridget, Aine,
Archangel Michael
Day Sunday
Colors Gold, yellow
Numbers One or six
Metal Gold
Stones Diamond, amber, clear quartz, topaz
Incense Frankincense, sandalwood
Plant Bay, cinnamon, heliotrope, marigold, orange
Trees Oak, pine
Animals Lion, hawk, bull

The sun is authoritative, creative, courageous, and healing. With its life-giving warmth, the sun is at the center of existence, and whatever exists at the center will activate what is at the perimeter. It is primarily associated with will power, activity, authority, and leadership.

The sun should be used to acquire self-esteem, attract fame and material success, encourage physical strength and courage, aid physical healing, and assist with political ambition.