Planetary Days And Their Applications: Jupiter

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Thursday, the day of Jupiter, is good for all forms of increase and expansion, whether improving fortune or career prospects or bringing promotion, power, ambition, and joy through the fulfillment of objectives.

Jupiter’s influence may be personal or more usually socially orientated.  Jupiter is also potent for leadership, for conscious wisdom, creativity, for extending one’s influence in the wider world, for idealism, matters of justice and the law, authority, and altruism.

Jupiter increases what already exists, so can bring greater prosperity and abundance or success and good fortune.

It rules marriage, permanent relationships (both business and personal), fidelity, loyalty, and male potency in both the human and animal kingdom.

Ironically, Jupiter can lead to excesses, including greed, addictions, and obsessions, so it can also be used for banishing these.

Jupiter, known as the Sky Father, was the supreme Roman god, ruler of the universe.

Like Zeus, his Greek counterpart, Jupiter controlled the thunderbolts, which were carried by his eagle, the noblest of the birds.

However, he ruled not despotically, but as the chief of a triumvirate of gods: the other two were Juno, his consort, and Minerva, goddess of wisdom, who made up the feminine principle of deeper, more instinctual wisdom.

Use the hour of Jupiter to profit from an opportunity to upgrade your life.