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The traditional Plum pudding was an odd name for this dish, considering that it wasn’t a pudding, contained no plums at all, and is prepared more for fortune-telling than for eating.

Having said this, the modern equivalent, of Christmas pudding, is somewhat different.

A stew, the mixture contains raisins and meat and is laced with spiced brandy and rum.

In seventeenth-century England, preparing the dish was a family affair; each household member stirred the pot and made a wish.

At one point in the preparations, several items, a ring, a coin, a button, and a thimble-were added to the pot.

What did they represent? The ring stood for marriage, the coin for wealth, and the button and the thimble were symbols of the eternal

bachelor and spinster, respectively.

What if one of the items wound up in your serving?

It would foretell your personal status. for the coming year!