Psychic Control Ritual

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1 white candle
1 small piece of hematite
Nagchampa, sandalwood, or dragon’s blood incense
Begin by lighting the incense and the candle, then pick up the stone and hold it
in your dominant hand. Stand with your feet apart, and raise your arms until they
are even with your shoulders, forming a star. With the left palm up and the right
palm facing the floor, breathe in the grounding energy of the Earth and exhale
any scattered energy through your mouth. Continue to breathe in this fashion
until you’re totally relaxed. (Three to four breaths usually does the trick.)
Visualize a small opening in your back at the same height as your navel. The
opening doesn’t hurt or bleed or keep your body from functioning in any way;
it’s simply there as a safety valve to release psychic overflow should it occur.
Once the image is firmly fixed in your mind’s eye, focus on the candle and
its light. Feel the light beginning to flow through you and say something like:

Place the stone in front of the candle and leave it until the flame burns out, then
carry the stone with you on a constant basis.
While psychic control is enough of a problem to warrant its inclusion here, it
may never cross your path. In fact, your predicament may be just the opposite. It
may be that you want to develop your psychic skills more than anything else in
the world, but no matter what you do the messages simply refuse to come.
This can be disconcerting, to say the least, especially when everyone else
around you seems to be receiving more messages than they care to deal with.
After a while, you may even start to think there’s something wrong with you.
Feelings of inadequacy set in. Anxiety takes over. And before you know it, your
mind is so filled with garbage that you wouldn’t even recognize your own name
if someone screamed it in your ear. If this sounds familiar, I have three words for
Stop right there.
To start with, there’s nothing wrong with you, and beating yourself up with
imagined failure isn’t going to fix things. In fact, it could be that you’re already
receiving psychic messages but just don’t know it because psychic information
doesn’t necessarily arrive in the form we imagine. It seldom comes in some
mysterious voice that echoes in the back of the brain. Instead, it’s more like a
fleeting thought, so we usually just brush it aside and go about our business.
If you’re already paying attention to your inner voice, though, there could
be other problems. For one thing, your psychic centers may be clogged. It’s also
possible that you’re so grounded you simply don’t hear anything other than
messages relating to the mundane. If you suspect that one of these issues is the
culprit, just try the ritual outlined below. It will not only open the channels, but
will put you well on the way to developing those skills you only dreamed of.
Psychic Centers Opening Ritual
1 purple candle
1 teaspoon dried mugwort or powdered cinnamon
1 small piece of clear quartz, opal, or orange calcite
Nagchampa, sandalwood, or dragon’s blood incense Vegetable oil
Begin by anointing the candle with the oil and rolling it in the mugwort or
cinnamon. Light the candle and the incense, then ground and center by breathing
in the grounding energy of the Earth and exhaling all other energy through your
mouth. Continue to breathe in this fashion until you’re totally relaxed. Hold the
stone to your Third Eye (the spot between your eyebrows) and visualize it as
being the key that opens your psychic centers. See it turn in the lock and watch
the doors swing open.
Place the stone in front of the candle, then stand with your feet apart and
your arms raised even with your shoulders to form a star. With the left palm up
and the right palm facing the floor, continue to breathe in through your mouth
and out through your nose for three or four more breaths. Then visualize your
psychic centers in perfect working order-receiving and processing messages-and
say something like:

Psychic centers open wide, So messages can flow inside, Give them a voice that I can hear, Let them ring loud and clear, But let them come through gradually,  No more than my capacity, to understand and handle all, The messages that come to call, And safety valve, to open too, so physic overflow won’t stew, And grow into anxiety, AsI will so mote it be.

Leave the stone in front of the candle until the wick extinguishes itself. Place the
stone in a safe place and use it whenever you need a link to the psychic world.