Real Witches’ Craft

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The Real Witches’ Craft includes practical advice on becoming a Wiccan and teaches the skills and techniques necessary for celebrating this craft.

This book enables you to take your magic on to the next level and provides further skills and techniques for powerful magic making. It provides the sort of guidance and development usually found in the first year of Coven’s life.

The Real Witches’ Craft moves on from the simple spells and rituals of The Real Witches’ Handbook to more advanced magic, teaching the skills and techniques of practising magic.

This book will teach you how to:
– Balance the elements to create effective magic.
– Raise, focus and direct magical energy to powerful effect.
– Strengthen the five senses in order to help towards developing the 6th sense.
– Use divination and scrying – tarot, runes, fire, etc.
– Design your own spells.
– Use the Moon’s phases for magic.