Return to Sender Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:
Hand Mirror
Black Candle
Black string
Casting Instructions for ‘Return to Sender’
Call the Spirits to witness the rite using the bell. Say: “
I am immune to their hate, their malice. I will not accept their guilt or their intolerance. Their
words and thoughts are no bane to me.”
Hold the mirror behind the candle and say: “
As this mirror reflects back the light of this candle so shall these things be reflected back to their
sender(s) and as the mirror neither adds or detracts from the reflection I shall add no malice to
nor subtract any from that which I send back. As it comes to me so shall it return to them.”
Tie the black string in three knots. As you tie each knot say: “
With this string I bind this spell, As I will it, So mote it be.”
Dismiss the spirits. Let the candle and incense burn out on their own. Place the string in a
special box set aside for spells and leave it there alway