Rite of Stone

Arrange your thirteen chosen gemstones around your dedication candle. You will not light

your dedication candle tonight; instead, we are preparing your altar for the final ceremony. Put

your magick key beside your dedication candle. Light the incense and pass it over all the items

on your altar.

On a white candle (not the dedication candle), inscribe the word stone with a pin, nail, or clay inscribing tool. Place the candle in a safe holder, and light. Sprinkle your herb mixture around the

base of the candle. Intone the following charm, holding your hands over the stones:

Herbal magick, speak to me

Of gems’ and stones’ ability

In the dark of night or sun’s bright day

To help me in my witching way!

Pick up one stone and say aloud three times something that you are grateful for. Then say,

“Thank you, it works, always a blessing,” and smile. Do this with the remaining twelve stones,

indicating something different you are grateful for with each successive stone. Meditate for

fifteen minutes on the meaning of stone in the life of a spiritual person. Using the stones or

gems, create a shape that signifies accomplishment to you. This will be your magickal stone

shape. Be sure to draw this image in your HedgeWitch journal. Allow the candle to burn

completely. Leave your gemstones in the shape you chose near your dedication candle until

your final ceremony night. Take an extra fifteen minutes this night to contemplate the changes

you have experienced and what you truly desire in the transformation of the self. And most of

all, never forget to be grateful!

Before you drift off to sleep, close this evening by saying:

Peace with the gods

Peace with nature

Peace within.

It always works.

Always a blessing.