Spell to unbind someone from your life

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Supplies needed :

1.Black candle


3.paper and pen

4.Protection candle (Red)

5.Cinnamon oil


7.One drop of your blood

8.Sea salt9.Wand

10.Fire safe container (Cauldron)!


A. Bless your candles by carving a Pentagram into them with your thumbnail.


B.Anoint your red candle with cinnamon oil


C. Sprinkle sea salt around your ritual area in a clockwise direction until complete a full circle.


D.Light the frankincense and repeat the process, also smudging yourself.


E.Light the red candle.


F.light the black candle and drip wax onto the mirror so you can stick the candle to it so it stands freely.


G.On the paper write your feelings and intent of the banishing spell. Be specific, and use visualization during the process. Make sure to include the fact that you want all ties to be broken.  At the bottom of the paper where one would normally sign their name, add your drop of blood as your signature.


H.Now burn the paper with the black candle to send the spell on its way. Throw it in your fire safe container, such as your cauldron. If you have your wand flick it towards the East and say So Mote it Be.


Make sure you ground all the unused energy back into mother earth.