Spells to Battle Stress

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Managing stress and anxiety improves your daily
functioning, enabling you to cope more effectively with
the very situations that can stress you. Managing
stress can improve your physical, mental, and
emotional health, as well as support your self-esteem
and confidence.
Fill Yourself with Light
Taking a few minutes to fill yourself with light can give you
the mental break you need to reset your headspace. It can
also function like a quick cleanse of your aura (personal
energy that surrounds you). This is an excellent way to
take hold of yourself if you are stressed or panicky.
What to Do:
1. Center and ground.
2. Close your eyes and take three slow breaths. With each
breath in, imagine yourself drawing in light through
your nose or mouth. With each breath, imagine your
body filling with light. After your third breath, breathe
normally, eyes still closed, enjoying the sensation of
being filled with light. Note how it makes you feel
emotionally as well as physically.
3. Allow the light to begin to expand past your body into
your aura. As it passes into the aura, imagine it
beginning to sparkle. Imagine sparkles loosening and
clearing away any negativity or unwanted energy
clinging to your aura.
4. When you feel that you are done, take one final deep
breath and exhale with conviction. Allow the
visualization to fade, then open your eyes.
Sometimes you can feel stuck in a rut. You know you were
headed somewhere, but along the way you either derailed
or ran out of steam. The transformation you seek feels
stalled. In cases like this, grand gestures can do more to
destabilize you than help. Instead, work for patience and
clarity to help you refocus, and open yourself to change to
help ease the transformation.
What You Need:
♦ White candle and candleholder
♦ Matches or lighter
♦ Clear quartz stone
What to Do:
1. Cleanse the materials according to your chosen
method(s) (see Chapter 1).
2. Center and ground. Light the white candle and hold the
quartz crystal in your hands. Close your eyes and
breathe evenly, bringing your body and spirit to a sense
of equilibrium.
3. When you are ready, lift the quartz crystal and hold it to
your forehead.
4. Say, “I call on light to help me see clearly. May I be
open to the change working in my life; may I have the
patience to allow it the time it needs to develop, to
gestate, to unfold, and to weave itself into my life
securely. May this change be for the best and benefit me
and those I hold dear. It is so.”