The biggest triggers,The wreckers, 8.6

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Stephanie came for a regression to see if she could sort out a problem with a work colleague. She told me there was a strangely deep hostility between them. She didn’t understand it and wondered if it might come from a past life.

In her regression, she went back to a life a few centuries ago. She was one of the men who used to loot ships that had been wrecked in storms and washed ashore. They also used to lure ships onto rocks to destroy them, for the same purpose. Her memory began at a sea cove. The man she’d been was wearing a tricorn hat and black shoes with buckles. A ship had been wrecked, and the gang was waiting to grab its bounty. A chest had already come ashore. They opened it with a crowbar and found treasure inside.

Sailors from the wreck were also washing up on the shore – some of them still alive. The gang’s usual policy was to kill any survivors, to stop them reporting what they’d seen.

‘This time, I decided not to do that,’ Stephanie recalled. ‘There’s a woman, her cloak flapping in the wind, who’s yelling something. She’s my wife. She’s very angry because I didn’t order the men to kill the sailors. She says they’ll tell on us.

‘She yells, “You’re a fool John Mosset! I’ll show you what a man looks like!” And she grabs a stick and goes and bludgeons the half-drowned sailors to death. The others just shrug. The general feeling is, it needed to be done. ‘When we get home she’s screaming with rage like a banshee. She tries to hit and kick me, saying she never liked me and she regrets marrying me.