The Book of Sacred Stones: Fact and Fallacy in the Crystal World

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Bestselling author Barbara Walker debunks the tall tales surrounding crystal mysticism and offers instead an intelligent alternative that includes a complete guide to minerals and their histories. Because of her profound admiration for the beauty and mystery of crystals, Barbara Walker reveals in this two-part examination what crystals truly are, what they can — and cannot do, and what they have meant to cultures down through the ages.

She exposes the crystal mystics’ grotesque ignorance of the very subject of which they claim expertise and presents detailed discussions on crystal “vibrations,” healing, and energies. She points with humor and insight to the incomprehensible “word salad” crystal mystics use to explain their notions.

Then, featuring an illustrated A to Z listing of all the minerals used in esoteric studies, Walker presents the true history, mythology, and attributes of each stone. This invaluable reference is for anyone interested in the facts and fiction of crystal mysticism.