The Gardenian Book of Shadows 19 Properly Prepared. (1953)

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Naked, but sandals (not shoes) may be worn. For initiation, tie hands behind back, pull up to small of back, and tie
ends in front of throat, leaving a cable-tow to lead by, hanging down in front. (Arms thus form a triangle at
back.) When initiate is kneeling at altar, the cable-tow is tied to a ring in the altar. A short cord is tied like a
garter round the initiate’s left leg above the knee, with ends tucked in.
Another is tied round right ankle and ends tucked in so as to be out of the way while moving about. These cords
are used to tie feet together while initiate is kneeling at the altar and must be long enough to do this firmly.
Knees must also be firmly tied. This must be carefully done. If the aspirant complains of pain, the bonds must be
loosened slightly; always remember the object is to retard the blood flow enough to induce a trance state. This
involves slight discomfort, but great discomfort prevents the trance state; so it is best to spend some little time
loosening and tightening the bonds until they are just right. The aspirant alone can tell you when this is so.
This, of course, does not apply to the initiation, as then no trance is desired; but for the purpose of ritual it is
good that the initiates be bound firmly enough to feel they are absolutely helpless but without discomfort.