The Gardenian Book of Shadows 27 The Sabbat Rituals (1957)

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Spring equinox
The symbol of the wheel should be placed on the altar upright, decked with flowers, flanked with burning
candles. The Cauldron, containing spirits, is in the east. Magus in west, High Priestess in east with Phallic
wand or pinecone-tipped wand, or broomstick, or riding pole, broom upwards.
High Priestess lights Cauldron, saying,
“We kindle fire this day! In the presence of the Holy Ones: Without malice, without jealousy, without envy.
Without fear of aught beneath the sun. But the High Gods.
Thee we invoke: O light of life:Be thou a bright flame before us: Be thou a guiding star above us:Be thou a smooth
path beneath us;
Kindle thou in our hearts within,A flame of love for our neighbor,To our foes, to our friends, to our kindred all:To
all men on this broad Earth.
O merciful son of CerridwenFrom the lowest thing that liveth To the name that is highest of all.”
High Priestess draw pentacle upon Magus with wand, kiss, gives it to him. He does likewise. They lead the dance
round the circle, all couples leaping burning fire. The last couple as the fire goes out should be well-purified
three times, and each should give Fivefold Kiss to all of opposite sex.
Cakes and wine.
If the people will, the Cauldron dance can be done again, many times, or other games can be played.
Summer Solstice
Form circle. Invoke, Purify. Cauldron is placed before altar filled with water, wreathed with summer flowers.
The people, men and women alternately, stand round circle.
High Priestess stands in north, before Cauldron, holding raised wand, which should be Phallic or tipped with a
pinecone (anciently the thyrsus) or a riding pole or a broomstick, invokes the sun. “Great One of Heaven, Power of
the Sun, we invoke thee in thine ancient names, Michael, Balin, Arthur, Lugh, Herne. Come again, as of old, into
this thy land. Lift up thy shining spear of light to protect us. Put to flight the powers of darkness, give us fair
woodlands and green fields, blossoming orchards and ripening corn. Bring us to stand upon thy hill of vision, and
show us the path to the lovely realms of the gods.”
High Priestess draws invoking pentacle on Magus with wand.
Magus comes forward sunwise and takes wand with kiss, plunges wand into Cauldron and holds it upright, saying,

“The spear to the Cauldron, the lance to the Grail, spirit to flesh, man to woman, sun to earth.” He salutes High
Priestess over Cauldron, then rejoins people, still bearing wand.
High Priestess takes aspergillum, stands by Cauldron, says, “Dance ye about the Cauldron of Cerridwen the Goddess,
and be ye blessed with the touch of this consecrated water, even as the sun, the lord of light, arriveth in his
strength in the sign of the waters of life.”
The people dance sunwise about the altar and Cauldron, led by Magus bearing wand. High Priestess sprinkles
them lightly as they pass her.
Ritual of cakes and wine.
Any other dances, rites, or games as the Priestess and people wish.
Autumn equinox
The altar should be decorated with symbols of autumn, pine cones, oak sprigs, acorns, or ears of corn, and should
have fire or burning incense on it as usual. After usual purification, the people stand round, men and women
alternately. Magus at west of altar in God position.
High Priestess stands at east of altar, facing him, and reads the incantation.
“Farewell, O Sun, ever returning light. The hidden god, who ever yet remains. He departs to the land of youth,
through the gates of death, to dwell enthroned, the judge of gods and man. The horned leader of the hosts of air.
Yet, even as stand unseen about the circle the forms of the Mighty Lords of the Outer Spaces,. So dwelleth he,
`the lord within ourselves’. So dwelleth he within the secret seed, the seed of new reaped grain, the seed of flesh,
hidden in the earth, the marvellous seed of the stars. `In him is life, and life is the light of men [John 1:4],’ that
which was never born and never dies. Therefore the Wicca weep not, but rejoice.”
The High Priestess goes to the Magus with a kiss. He lays aside Athame and scourge, and kisses her. The High
Priestess hands him her wand, which should be Phallic, or a branch tipped with a pinecone, Or a riding pole, or a
broomstick (anciently the thyrsus). They lead the dance, she with a systrum or rattle, he with wand, the people
falling in behind them, dancing three times round the altar. Then the candle game is played.
Cakes and wine.
Great Rite if possible.

Winter Solstice
Form circle in usual manner, invoking the Mighty Ones.
The Cauldron of Cerridwen is placed in the circle at the south wreathed with holly, ivy, and mistletoe, with fire
lighted within it. There should be no other light except for the candles on the altar and about the circle.
After all are purified, the Moon should be drawn down.
Then the High Priestess stands behind the Cauldron in pentacle position, symbolizing the rebirth of the sun. The
people, man and woman alternately, stand round the circle. The Magus stands facing the High Priestess with a
bundle of torches, or candles, and the book of words of the incantation. One of the officers stands beside him with
a lighted candle, so that he may have light to read by.
The people begin to slowly move round the circle sunwise. As each passes him the Magus lights his candle or
torch from the fire in the Cauldron, which may be simply a candle, till all have lighted candles or torches. Then
the people dance round slowly as he reads the incantation. (A real fire must now be kindled in the Cauldron.)
Queen of the Moon, Queen of the Sun.
Queen of the Heavens, Queen of the Stars.
Queen of the Waters, Queen of the Earth.
Who ordained to us the child of promise:
It is the Great Mother who gives birth to him,
He is the Lord of Life who is born again,
Darkness and tears are set behind,
And the star of guidance comes up early.
Golden sun of hill and mountain
Illumine the land, illumine the world
Illumine the seas, illumine the rivers,
Grief be laid, and joy be raised.
Blessed be the Great Mother
Without beginning, without ending,
To everlasting, to eternity,
I O. Evohe, Blessed be.”
The dance commences slowly, in rhythm with the chant, all taking up the call “I. O. Blessed be.” The Priestess
joins dance and leads them with a quicker rhythm. The cauldron with burning fire is pushed so that the dancers
leap or step over it, in couples. Whichever couple is passing it as it goes out, should be well-purified, three times
each, and may pay any amusing forfeit as the High Priestess may ordain. Sometimes the cauldron is relighted
several times for this purpose.