The Pentacle

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The pentacle is a symbol of the Earth and is familiar to users of Tarot packs. It is placed in the North of
the altar.
It consists of a flat, round dish or disc, engraved with a pentagram within a circle. The pentacle has
been a magical sign for thousands of years. The five-pointed star of the pentagram within it is a sacred
symbol of Isis and the single top point is considered by many to represent the Triple Goddess.
You can place crystals or a symbol of the focus of the ritual or charged herbs on the pentacle to endow
it with Earth energies. It can then be passed through the other elements or empowered by passing over
the pentacle incense for Air, a candle for Fire and burning oils or water itself for the Water element.
The pentacle can be moved to the centre of the altar once the symbol on it has been fully charged.
It is very easy to make a pentacle of clay, wood, wax or metal, and on it mark a pentagram with the
single point extending upwards. This is what you might call the all-purpose pentagram – drawn this
way it always has a positive influence.