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While the Moon definitely affects the emotions, there’s another area that She
impacts just as strongly, and that, of course, is the psyche. I never realized just
how true this was until an uncomfortable situation with one of my friendsa
woman with an overwhelming amount of psychic ability-presented itself early
one morning at Full Moon.
She’d arrived in tears and was desperate for some sort of relief. She said
she’d always been a little spacey and had learned to deal with it, but what was
happening now was entirely different. Things were out of control. Her whole life
seemed to have whirled into a constant flash of kaleidoscopic images,
fragmented sounds, and tidbits of information she didn’t understand. Not only
could she not stop it, she couldn’t even slow it down. In fact, things had become
so bad that she couldn’t even manage one solid thought. Not being able to live
like that any longer, she’d come to me for help.
At first, I missed the point. I suggested that she remove her silver jewelry,
but it didn’t help. We tried grounding and centering. It didn’t work. I led her
through guided meditations, relaxation exercises, and everything else I could
think of, all to no avail. She simply could not focus, not even while holding a
hematite in her hand.
I was dumbfounded. In all my years in the Craft, there had never been
something I couldn’t fix. I knew that every problem, no matter how big or small,
had an equally powerful solution. It was just a matter of looking at the problem
from every angle and refusing to ignore any detail. With that in mind, I sat down
to think. Sure enough, both the problem and its solution eventually became
crystal clear.
Her emotional responses, the very things I’d been focusing on, really had
little to do with the actual problem. In fact, they were nothing more than a
byproduct of the real issue. This woman was not only an empath, but had
amazingly powerful psychic centers, the latter of which grabbed data in much
the same way that a magnet draws nails. And even though she’d reached the
capacity to contain it all, those informational tidbits just kept coming-fast and
furious, increasing in number and size-until she’d gone on overload.
Why this had never happened to her before is anybody’s guess, but what I
did learn is this: The amount of data flowing to the psychic centers and the rate
of speed at which it travels increases in direct proportion to the size of the Moon.
This means that the more the Moon grows, the more information we receive. It
just keeps flowing in, steady and constant, until the Full Moon has come and
Once the Moon begins to wane, so does the influx of information. It’s
almost as if the psychic centers close their doors and refuse to admit anything
but the most urgent messages. Things dwindle to a slow crawl until the
transmissions stop completely. Then the whole collection just sits there in
storage and waits until we’re ready to access, process, and sort through it. This
usually occurs at the dark of the Moon.
This isn’t to say that we can never access psychic information before the
Moon is dark, though; nothing could be further from the truth. Messages that are
vitally important to our existence or someone else’s always push through to the
surface; it’s just that the psyche isn’t able to fully process everything at once.
There must be some time to regroup and regenerate-a settling down period, if
you will. And that’s exactly what the Dark Moon provides.
For most of us, this isn’t a problem. In fact, we’re often completely unaware
of the process. This isn’t true for everyone, though, and for those few, it can
present more than just a minor aggravation. The inability to regroup and
regenerate can result in loss of sleep, poor health, and severe depression. But
that’s not all. It can also make it extremely difficult to separate reality from
fantasy. And that’s just no way to live-especially for the magical practitioner.
So what do we do? Is there any way to keep an overflow of psychic
messages from sending us off the deep end? More to the point, can we prevent
the overload entirely? Absolutely. And it’s not as difficult as you may think.
Of course, the best time to handle any situation is before it gets out of
control, and since psychic overload is no exception, you may want to perform
the following ritual before the Moon begins to wax again. That way, you can
stop the problem before it ever gets started.
But what if it’s too late for that? What if things are already running amuck?
What then? Not to worry. Just do the ritual anyway. Even though you may not be
able to fully ground, or even completely relax, it will drain the excess psychic
energy so you can get through to Dark Moon. Once it arrives, just perform the
ritual again and your problems with psycho-babble will be a thing of the past.